Ramadan Mubarak from Team Muddatthir

Ramdan Kareem from Team Muddatthir!

Ramadan Muddatthir Thobes and Abayas

Salaam everyone. We wish you the best Ramadan full of worship and acceptance. As Muslims this is the most spiritual time of the year and it amazing to see our lovely brothers and sisters truly trying their best to please their creator.  We have just put a brief reminder for all of us just to reflect upon why Ramadan is so important.

What does Ramadan teach us?

There are many lessons we learn in Ramadan and here are a couple of small reminders. Ramadan teaches us self-control. Without self-control there is no difference between the children of Adam and the animals of the wild. Allah has blessed us with this month so we can attain Taqwa and to learn how to control our desires. Truly only when a person can control their lusts and desires, can they truly start to please their creator.  Letting go of our ego and focusing on our creator allows us to be truly free from all worries and burdens of this world. This month of fasting is done solely to please our creator and he acknowledges this and states “it is for me and I shall reward it” (Hadith Qudsi). What does the statement “it is for me” mean? In every act of worship there is a chance of Riya (showing off) except in fasting. The fasting person can eat in secret without anyone seeing. However he chooses not to, he restrains himself. In return Allah promises to reward him personally.

Ramadan Muddatthir Thobes

This month also teaches us to think of the poor and how we can benefit others who are struggling. We all know what time Iftar is and we look forward to our plates being full with lovely food. However the sad reality for many of our brothers and sisters across the globe is that they do not know when their next meal is. We fast out of choice while they fast out of necessity i.e no food. Imagine not knowing when our next meal would be? How would we stand on the day of Judgment if Allah asks how is that you filled yourself to your content while your brothers go hungry. We should try our best to contribute as much as possible to those who are less fortunate than us not only in Ramadan but throughout the entire year. By the Grace of Allah we live in this country where food is available in excess. We need to reflect on whether we can be grateful to Allah if food was taken away from us. It is narrated in Bukhari that The family of Muhammad did not eat their fill for three successive days till he died (Book 70, Hadith 2). Subhan Allah! The best of creation was given this test of hunger and we are so fortunate that we do not have to suffer from it. May this be a reason why we reflect and be grateful!

 charity to poor

This is a month of Dua and a month of acceptance. We should always make as much Dua as possible as the fasting person’s Dua is one which Allah never reject. The answer may not come the way we expect but it is certainly heard and accepted. May Allah accept all our efforts and grant us the ability to help others.


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